Shree Mahesh Heritage


Meditation School India – Shree Mahesh Heritage is a Government of India registered – Guided Meditation training institution is known as a residential Meditation teacher training school for advanced practitioners and beginners who want to become a certified Meditation Instructor (Teacher). Located in the Himalayan region of Rishikesh, Meditation is recognized by both contemporary science and spiritual practitioners as a powerful training of attention that can heal physical and emotional suffering and awaken our full potential as human beings.

Meditation Teacher Training Center & Accommodation

Guided Meditation Training School India

To meet the steady increase in popular interest in meditation, there is a growing need for mature, dedicated teachers who can offer these practices with clarity and wisdom.

MTTI offers qualified people a 300 Hour certification program in teaching meditations that cultivate mindfulness and compassion.

Drawn largely from the Sagas, Osho, Shiva Shakti, Buddhist tradition but applicable in most secular and religious domains, this program will enable graduates to introduce meditation in a wide array of settings and to a variety of different populations.

The school conducts meditation courses like : 300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training, 15 Days Meditation Retreats & 7 Days Meditation for beginners & Vedic healing programs Eg: Riki, Panch Karma & chakra healing etc. It is established in The year 2012. At Meditation School, we are blessed having all those four naturally available to let you study, feel and experience. During the Meditation TT course or retreats, you will learn the Vedic way of mantra chanting eg: ‘Gayatri Mantra’ for the purification of intellect. Besides your meditation teaching skills development, You will study some selected verses from Bhagavad Gita to understand mind, meditation, Sattvic diet, obstacles and progressive signs of meditation etc. The seekers visiting Rishikesh loves to feed cow as a selfless service and enjoy a sense of inner peace and tranquility (optional activity).

Here you get a chance to learn and develop skills of living life spiritual way and especially to become good at helping people with:


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