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Learn how to #meditate in our #300_hour_Meditation_teacher_training course is a four-week intensive program which has been designed to give you the #spiritual #knowledge, #skills, experience, and confidence to teach Meditation for a range of clientele. It is a specialized Global meditation training program woven from Eastern #Vedic and #Modern Western #meditation techniques.

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The Purpose of Mantra Meditation

Why to use Mantra for meditation ?

Meditation School India Teacher Ram Gupta-SMH

My way of using the mantra is different from yours, because I do not want to fool around with the process. I sit down, and I observe my whole being listening to the mantra. I do not remember the mantra or repeat the mantra mentally, because then the mind repeats many things.

Instead I make my whole being an ear to hear the mantra, and the mantra is coming from everywhere. This will not happen to you immediately in meditation, but when you have attained or accomplished something, then this will happen to you. Then, even if you do not want to do your mantra, it is not possible to avoid it. Even if you decide that you do not want to remember the mantra, it will not be possible.

Finally, even the mantra does not exist; only the purpose for which you repeat the mantra is there; you are There. The mantra might still be there, but it exists as an experience that

Swami Rama  Says above saying is fruitful in terms of accumulating the Level of Stillness.

The Great Meditator – Lord Shiva Meditation chakra starts with AUM and dissolve the world.

The Great Meditator- Shree Mahesh Heritage 2015

Shree Mahesh Heritage – Meditation School Rishikesh,India. # 300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course is designed to keeping in mind to provide the unique learning experience to instill them with knowledge and skills of Meditation Teaching. Healing , Meditation and Yoga training at Residential school is for all of them who wish to  experience and pursue the Career in Spiritual World.


Meditation for Beginner Techniques

Beginner Students – Meditation Techniques

Meditation for beginners School India

Meditation for beginners School India

Position : Any  Meditative Comfortable Sitting Posture or Sitting on a Chair.

Practice :

  • Sit in any meditative posture, with the hands resting on the knees in chin or jnana mudra. Keep the head and spine straight, close the eyes and relax the whole body.

Step I     :

  • Start chanting OM mentally. Allow the mind to repeat OM continuously without any break. Chanting should be faster and faster without breaking the chain of OM kara japa.
  • After some times consciously slow down the OM chanting. If any disturbance occurs in the mind, increase the speed of OM kara japa. By increasing and decreasing the speed of chanting, can maintain the pace of the OM kara japa effortlessly in the mind.

Step II :

  • Focus on the soft and gentle OM kara chanting effortlessly. Let the mental chanting be softer, gentler and more effortless. At this stage you start feeling the vibration of the OM kara japa in some parts of the body. Gradually you will start feeling the vibrations throughout the body.

Step III  :

  • Slow down the japa of OM consciously and observe the gap between two OM karas. Further slow down the Om Kara japa, so that the gap between two OM karas becomes wider and wider and slowly diffuse into silence.

Step IV :

  • Experience and enjoy the blissful state of silence. The inner silence helps to broaden and expand the mind and body to all pervasive awareness. Silence,  a state where there are no thoughts or you are not aware of them. It becomes more deeper and expansive.
  • Visualize Om and merge into complete silence. Mind is totally calm and quiet and the peace in you now pervades. Experience the expansive silence and the associated bliss. This silence which is the source of power, creativity, knowledge and bliss. Remain in this state for a while.

Step V :

  • From this deep ocean of silence, gently, chant an OM kara in a low pitch which diffuses the entire body and the space all around. Enjoy the beautiful vibrations.
  • Very slowly, gently open the eyes and come out of  meditation.

Meditation is a journey toward inner soul and meditation teacher training school is revealing you a facts to know meditation learning. Refer below links to know more about meditation.

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